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Theory And Practice of Leather Manufacturing

  • ISBN 9789387266858
  • Tittle Theory And Practice of Leather Manufacturing
  • Author K.t.sarkar
  • Year 2018
  • Final Pages -
  • Publisher Lone Star Tannery Inc.
  • Subject 1 Leather Science
  • Subject 2 Manufacturing
  • About the Author

    K. T. Sarkar received his Ph.D. in Manufacturing Engineering and Operations Research from Technological University, Kazan. He has been associated with leather industry for more than two decades. He is an expert in modelling and optimization of leather manufacturing systems, design of robust production control strategies and quality management system.He has taught numerous university courses, professional development workshops, mentored and coached working professionals across Asia and Europe.Sarkar has also contributed several articles and research papers on all aspects of manufacturing operations and technology.

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